After my first European tour in 2006 I decided to start touring full-time in 2009 and have been touring all over Europe, North, Middle, South America, Asia and Australia since then. While my focus is Europe I am always up to visiting some more exotic places.

What do I offer when touring?

  • Tour Management and Production
  • Tour Accounting
  • Guitar & General Backline Tech Services
  • Merchandise Services
  • Driving

Whatever I do on tour, I do it professionally. After being employed by Captured Live Tourneeservice GmbH for two years I am back, touring the world, in 2019.


Some of the artists I had been touring/working with include:

Animals As Leaders, Gus G., Orden Ogan, Morgoth, Xandria, Ryan Leslie, Vanessa Mai, Kamelot, Leaves Eyes, Epica, Suffocation, Gorguts, Entombed, Peter Cincotti, The California Honeydrops, Evergrey, Poisonblack, Indica and many more.